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The poet's eye, in fine frenzy rolling, doth glance from heaven to earth, from earth to heaven; And as imagination bodies forth the forms of things unknown, the poet's pen turns them to shapes and gives to airy nothing a local habitation and a name. William Shakespeare

One of my Favorites

My mother has always supported me in whatever I wanted to do. When I was 13 and wanted to be a fashion designer, she bought me a sketchbook so that I could discover on m own that I was, frankly, quite awful at it. When I decided I wanted to job shadow a computer engineer, she made it happen. When I came back and said there was no way, because I didn’t want a mole with hairs sticking out of it on my face, she just nodded and smiled. I never knew what I wanted, but she stood by patiently as I tried to figure it out. Until my third year of college, I came back from my first poetry writing workshop and I called her, heart pounding on the phone: “Did you know that I can be a writer?” I could hear the apprehension. But never once did she say, “Are you sure?” or “Hells no, I’m not paying for that!” Even though that doesn’t mean that she did not complain on occasion, she never made me put down my pen in order to pursue things that were not my passion.
I am extremely proud to be my mother’s daughter. She will always my best friend.  She is the most amazing woman I know and don’t know. She’s strong, resilient, graceful, loving, devoted, and a beautiful martyr, mother, friend, and person. She will always be the one person that I look up to, but will never reach.

“Story of a Good Mother”

This poem is only loosely based on my mother, as are a lot of my poems. I wrote this for her especially though, to show her that even the greatest of mothers can’t get it all right all of the time. And people (especially writers) need some drama in their lives to get by and feel special and different. So do not think that there is anything hurtful or painful in this poem. This poem is about a girl who loves her mother so very deeply and dearly, that she does everything in her power to become her and to simultaneously, never let her go.


Bon Appetit!

This website published two of my poems. I’m really impressed by what they have going and have recently discovered some other websites that are also the same. There are some good poems, some great poems, some okay poems, but they must actually read all of them before they publish them because there aren’t any crappy ones. Therefore, I am pleased to announce that they published two of mine: “Prayer -upon planting roses in December” and “Sonnet of the Artist”.

Check them out!

To the crazy person who may be reading this…possibly…

My name is Amber Brodie. I used to have a blog for my poetry, but decided that posting my poems online was unprofessional. Apparently it’s important for poets to be professional too, go figure. So this blog is now going to be a place for me to write some professional musings on things that fascinate my brain. It should be fairly interesting.

You’ll all care one day when I’m famous 😉